CULASI: The center of trade, commerce and tourism in Northern Antique where united, empowered, law abiding and healthy citizens are living in a safe, biodiverse and resilient environment supported by adequate infrastructure within a progressive community under a dynamic and transparent governance.


To enable the citizens/sectors to undertake the sustainable development programs and


An accessible and well developed municipality that provides high quality services and
encourages community participation through strong and transparent governance.




This office is in charge of registry services that implements civil registration in the municipality by developing plans and strategies on civil registry programs and projects in order to asses the adequacy of support given by the Local Government Registration Activities;

  1. The Municipal Civil registrar’s Office shall;
    1. accept all registrable documents and judicial decrees affecting the Civil Status of a person
  2.  Transcribe and enter immediately upon all registrable documents and judicial decrees affecting the civil status of persons in the appropriate civil registry books;
  3. Issue certified transcripts or copies of any certificates or registrar copies of documents upon payment of the prescribed fees to the treasurer;
  4. Transmit to the office of the Philippine Statistic Authority Office, Manila within the prescribed period, and duplicated copies of the registrar documents required by law;
  5. Received application for the issuance of marriage license and, after determining that the requirements and supporting papers for publication thereof for prescribe period have been complied with, issue the licensed upon payment to the authorized to the treasurer;

As mandated in Republic Act 9485 otherwise known as anti-red tape act, LGU’s shall establish a citizens’ charter as an information guide in a form of a published materials, billboards posted in conspicous places, written in English, Filipino or in a local dialect that shall be implemented to promote good governance that will open the opportunity of peoples’ participation on service improvement, minimizing graft and corruption in the bureaucracy.

The municipality of Culasi, province of Antique hereby established this official document or a pledge that communicates in simple terms the services it provides to the constituents. It will describe the step by step procedure for availing a particular service and the guaranteed performance level that the constituents may expect from the service.