Culasi as the center of trade, commerce and tourism in Northern Antique supported by
adequate infrastructure with a united, empowered, and law abiding citizens living in a
safe, biodiversity-friendly and wholesome environment within self-sufficient, self-reliant,
progressive and empowered communities under a strong and dynamic political
leadership and transparent governance.


To enable the citizens/sectors to undertake the sustainable development programs and


An accessible and well developed municipality that provides high quality services and
encourages community participation through strong and transparent governance.




To provide extension and on-site research services and facilities related to agriculture and fishery activities, which include:

  1. Dispersal of livelihood and poultry, fingerlings and other seedling materials for agriculture;
  2. Palay, corn and vegetable farms, medicinal plant gardens, and fruit tree and other kinds of seedling nurseries;
  3. Demonstration farms;
  4. Inter-barangay irrigation system;
  5. Water and soil resource utilization and conservation projects; and
  6. Enforcement of fishery laws in municipal waters including the conservation of mangroves and sanctuaries
  1. To ensure food security and maintain surplus level in rice, sufficiency suffering in feed grains to support the livestock industry and sufficiency in freshwater and marine fish products, and development of non-traditional high value crops.
  2. To intensify the production and improve quality of crops and fishery products
  3. To enhance the formulation of farmers’ and fisherfolks’ organizations and cooperatives to have better access to resources and marketing.
  4. To enhance the development and growth of small and medium village enterprises through provision of improved rural infrastructure, postharvest processing facilities and appropriate technology.
  5. To deliver other agricultural related activities in the institutionalization of peasant organizations to lead and participate in agricultural development.