On the morning of Monday, February 26, 2024, the festivities of the 18th annual Madja-as Festival and the 289th Foundation Day of Culasi, Antique will commence. The Madja-as Festival is one of the most anticipated events of the year, as it represents a culmination of achievements, planning, and preparation from people across the community. While the celebration started as merely a few short days recognizing Culasi’s foundation in March, 1735, it has grown into a week-long festival that highlights the best parts of this beautiful place.

         The week starts with a vivid reenactment of Culasi’s history. From the Aetas to the Spaniards to the Filipino Independence, this moving performance honors the cultural heritage, strife, and triumphs of Culasiños from the very beginning.

           Following the historical reenactment of Culasi’s foundation and the opening ceremony for the festival are six days of events that feature the athleticism and creativity of our dear Culasiños. Between sports fests, a traditional fishing competition, a boat race, a boxing match, and a basketball tournament, there will be no shortage of camaraderie and competition among both participants and onlookers alike. At the climax of this grand athletic showcase is a 3km open-water swim from Mararison Island to Poblacion. You won’t want to miss it!

               Central to the character and tradition of the Culasiño community is creativity, and there is no better display of singing, dancing, and performing than the Madja-as Festival. From the Diwata kang Culasi to the Pakpak singing finals to street dancing competitions, participants have been preparing their performances for the much-anticipated festival for months. Whether it’s in competition for an award, or simply for the benefit of the audience, you can count on Culasiños to deliver amazing performances in celebration of their community.

              For a preview of the talent-packed festival, join us every Saturday evening for the Culasikat: a weekly talent competition between representatives of district secondary schools. Culasikat winners from every week will also have a chance to perform their acts between events during the Madja-as Festival! While you’re at it, stick around for the weekly Pakpak sa Kabantugan sing-off to see who might be competing in the finals on March 1st.

              As the most colorful display of Culasiño pride, the Madja-as Festival is an experience you won’t want to miss. Come as we honor the deep history, culture and talented people who make up our beloved Culasi.